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What fathers do...

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Fathers often get the raw deal… Us mothers always complain how much we do for the kids and how the fathers hardly pay attention… I'm guilty of it 100%. And I fully admit it, because in a way I DO think that fathers take a back seat when it comes to paying attention to every detail for our kids… I feel like mothers also have eyes on the back of their heads… we somehow know exactly when they are about to fall, about to jump into the road, about to fall into a pool….we are watching their every step. We know when we leave the house we have to pack diapers, wet wipes, water, snacks, change of clothes, etc etc etc. Father's will just walk out the door, without grabbing anything (including the kid). My husband will often wonder why I am so exhausted by the end of the day. Well it's because I am watching and paying attention to every detail! Even every unnecessary detail…

Fathers on the other hand are more laid back. They get to enjoy the little details instead of worry about the big (or at least big according to us mothers…) issues. But they DO pay attention and they DO care, just maybe not in the same way as us mothers care… I'm often so angry with my husband because I feel like he doesn't pay enough attention to the kids, or he doesn't help me enough with them. But then he does something so thoughtful, and I think to myself, my god, fathers really do care as much as mothers do, just in a different way…

This fact hit me when Gaja was around 1.5 ….. at that time she was totally attached to her Bunny and Teddy. Bunny and Teddy traveled with us everywhere (now it's Rhino and Dumbo…). We couldn't leave home without them, they came on every plane ride with us, she would sit them right next to her and put the seatbelt on them and make sure they were ok. On one trip we travelled with Richard to Istanbul, and then he was going onto Bulgaria on his own, before joining us back home. Gaja and I left Istanbul a day before Richard and on the way to the airport I realised I forgot Bunny and Teddy in the room! Oh my god, the look on Gaja's face when she realised… I quickly called Richard to ask him to make sure he brought Bunny and Teddy home with him (a week later..), but Gaja was screaming so much in the background. Richard heard her screaming, and what he did next, and for the next week really warmed my heart.

He quickly took a picture of him together with Teddy and Bunny, and sent it to us, saying that Teddy and Bunny are flying to Bulgaria with Papa. Gaja saw the picture and immediately started laughing. No more tears, she thought this was hilarious. Next thing he sent us a picture of him and Bunny in a taxi together. Gaja was laughing so much! Throughout the week Richard sent us pictures of him with Bunny and Teddy in various locations. When he was on the ferry in Istanbul he even made his colleague pose with Teddy. What the other passengers must have thought! 2 businessmen hugging a stuffed bunny! When he was having a business lunch later that day he took a picture of Bunny sitting at the table with him. Once he got to the airport, he took a picture of Bunny typing on his laptop in the airport lounge. Gaja thought it was hilarious! Then on the plane he took a selfie with Bunny in the seatbelt with him, and another with Bunny on the seat next to him with his legs crossed and seatbelt on… The airline stewardesses must have thought he was a weirdo! At nighttime he would send a picture of him and bunny hugging in bed. The funniest part was the next day when he came back to his hotel room, Bunny and Teddy were neatly arranged on his pillow. The hotel staff must have thought it was seriously strange for a grown man to be traveling around with stuffed animals!

He didn't care that he was getting strange looks from people passing by. All he cared about was to make his little girl laugh. Gaja really looked forward to the pictures all week, then when he finally came home she was so excited to be reunited with Bunny, Teddy and of course papa!! For me it warmed my heart that he took the effort to do this for Gaja.

Share some stories here about little thoughtful things fathers have done, to warm your hearts...


Mar 27, 2017 • Posted by Miki Nava

Yes, fathers always seem to be in trouble for one thing or another! ;)

Mar 27, 2017 • Posted by Steve

Sometimes Dads do uncover parenting and sometimes we are slightly more demonstrative. One thing you can be certain of… we will be in trouble more times than we will surprise you… but undercover parents know that this comes with the territory ;-)

Mar 27, 2017 • Posted by Mari

I love this! This warms my heart so much ?

Mar 27, 2017 • Posted by Maily

This is so heartwarming and sweet tribute to dads.

Mar 27, 2017 • Posted by Lisa

Very sweet Richard :)

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