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Date night in New York

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      We had been to Kyo-Ya for dinner on our previous trip to New York and loved it so much we decided to go again and do the proper seasonal tasting menu this time. Well actually I decided, without telling my husband… As we arrived they told us that the 2 seats at the counter were cancelled so we happily agreed to sit at the counter and be in on all the action. AMAZING. A 10 course 'kaiseki' tasting menu, reserved for only 10 diners each night. Chef Chikara Sono prepares each dish so beautifully presented, but also delicious and original. I absolutely love this restaurant, the hostess is super charming, the waiters are knowledgeable and professional but also friendly, and Chef Sono is a real character who works magic. The best part about the meal? If you're not able to finish your last course of Asari-Clam and Bamboo Shoot Kamadaki Rice, they offer to make you onigiri (rice balls) to take away, which we happily enjoyed for breakfast! I would highly recommend anyone traveling to New York to try out this restaurant! Our 10 course 'kaiseki' menu consisted of: 1. Eel Katsu Sandwich - Shansho Pepper Sauce 2. Bamboo Shoot, Hotaru Squid and Broccoli Rabe with Okura An and Poached Egg 3. Spring Temari Sushi - Sakura Apple Soup 4. Uni Tofu in Asari Clam Soup 5. White Whelk, Shrimp Shiba-ni - Shishmo Smelt Nanban-zuke - Koimo Tricolor Dango 6. Fresh Oyster and Sashimi of the Day - Chef's Selection 7. Washu Tjima Beef Hot Stone Grill - Baby Ayu Tempura - Managatsuo Miso Glazed - Dried Dikon Chips, Lotus Roots and Celery Kinpira 8. Spring Shitake, Macaroni, Spring Cabbage with Crab Mousse - Potato and Spinach Green Sauce 9. Mozuku Seaweed and Fruit with Basil Seed Vinegar - Tororo Imo, kiwi, Apple, Strawberry, Pinenut, Ginger and Ume 10. Asari-Clam and Bamboo Shoot Kamadaki Rice 11. Sakura Mochi Soup with Shiro Ingen An & Soba-cha Sorbet Kyo-Ya 94 East Seventh Street (First Avenue) East Village +1 212-982-4140


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